Friday, 29 January 2010

There are a few simple sets you have to take when analyzing and attacking a new market

There are a few simple sets you have to take when analyzing and attacking a new market:Step 1 : Find a way to get your message out to the people who are looking for what you're offering.Step 2 : Find the right product that you can promote to the people in that market for a commission. Step 3 : Develop a method to present the product you choose in a way that motivates people to buy it.Step 4 : Fine tune your plan and repeat it as many time as possible to maximize your earnings.So I sat down and got to work.Within a week I found several legitimate services that allow you to send messages to people through their cell phones.These services have never been talked about by any of the top "Gurus" or Internet Marketing coaches.I made double sure that they were 100% legit because the last thing you want is to use a service that's involved in spamming or any other illegal practices.Then I jumped over to the Clickbank Marketplace in search of the right products to promote. is an online marketplace that allows people like you to access over 10,000 different products that you can promote for a commission. After you sign up with Clickbank for free you can begin promoting any product you choose and Clickbank will send you a check every week for the commission you earned from each sale you make. You can find people that pay you premium commissions from $5 to over $100 per sale.Some of the websites on Clickbank will even pay you a commission on a monthly recurring basis for each sale you send which can add up to a very tidy sum in no time at all. Clickbank is totally secure and reliable, I've made many millions of dollars using them and they always send my weekly commission checks on time, every time.It's all very simple do. I'd say that a monkey could do it, but that might be an insult to the monkey ;-)Here's Where Things Get Good For You...Once you become a member of the Cell Phone Cash Coaching Course, you will be given a username and password.You simply log into the secure members area you'll be able to watch over my shoulder on High Definition video as I walk you through each simple step...Here's a perfect example...After about an hour I found the right products that would pay me the highest commissions so I decided to pull the trigger and start promoting them.Next, I wrote up some simple ads and put together all the pieces of my marketing plan, which I will also give you to carbon copy for yourself once you become a member of the Cell Phone Cash Coaching Course.Then I fired up the web services I'd found and put my brand new cell phone marketing machine to the test.I sat back and waited... "24 hours should be enough," I thought at the time.Well, I couldn't wait and logged into to my Clickbank account right after I did the dishes. I do the dishes, my wife does the cooking and the kids do the eating, it's a pretty square deal...Anyway, at about 8pm that night I nervously logged into my account

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